Ecumenical Community - Beinwil Monastery
CH-4229 Beinwil SO

Because of many visitors & pilgrims from UK USA… you get this info (thanks to LaRueG. & PollyS).
In Beinwil we can speak English - prayer & daily life in German, English translation possible.
Blue internet-links show our German pages - Chrome translate automatically in English!

Download "Beinwil: place for silence & togetherness"
Place for silence & togetherness
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We respect your belief/life-philosophy
* Regardless: religion origin financial status
* Possible: light a candle, to became calm, silence, impulse, beautiful landscape...
* Chapell, bible-garden, museum, shop, info
* Pilgrims: Jacobsway Compostela-Rom...

Airport Basel EAP / Airport Zürich
Car - Navigation: "Beinwil SO Kloster"
Public transport: "Beinwil SO Kloster"

* France Germany Basel-Delémont H18
►Zwingen Bhf - Beinwil: Bus 115

* Austria Italy Bern-Zürich A1 Oensingen
►Balsthal Bhf - Beinwil: Bus 115
Guests: single & groups
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Beinwil - visit the protected monument
* Prayer Mo-Su 15min: 8*12*21* + Su 15h
* Open Mo-Su 9-21h: Church Chapel, Info,
Shop, Museum, Dia-show, Bible-Garden 
* Hiking, pilgrims St.Jacob Rome Jerusalem
* Volunteer work (house, gardening)

Groups: church club company...
* Monastery Tour, Bible-Garden
Conference in monastery atmosphere.
* Y
our choir sing in public prayer Sun 3pm

* Hike/pilgrim Jakobsway Basel-Beinwil
* Volunteer group-work (house, gardening)
At your place: exhibition / Dia-Show...
* Info/Reservation

Spend the night - reservation needed
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No hotel - be part of the community
* Together: prayers, meals in silence, rooms
* Possible: volunteer-work/free-time,
  fast, retraite, spiritual help, reclusion…
* Have a calm: PC cellular... reduced, quiet
* No smoking - no alcohol - no pets.

We share our daily life
* Private area open: cloister, library...
* 25 single rooms, men women separated
* Unfortunately, no wheel-chair access.

* Guest & pilgrims have to make reservation
* Info/Reservation

Your support
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Sympathy, prayers & advertising 
* Volunteer work: house/garden - once often
* Utensil: furniture, books, tools, foods...
* Our Friends-Society welcomes new members

Donation - thanks for every pence
* We observe ethical criteria

* Donations to community only for welfare &
  non-profit part of our work, not religious. 

CHF: IBAN: CH59 8009 7000 0085 2606 9
         BIC: RAIFCH22
€uro: IBAN: DE08 6839 0000 0000 9494 77
         BIC: VOLO DE66

Our Spirituality
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Our work is for the common good
* We work without salary & have no staff
* No permanent financial aid church/state
We fulfill a social mission and are not
  commercially but to common good. 

Our household is not commercially
* We households according to economic
  principles. No debt & no bank loans.
* Guest: no fixed prices, everyone welcome
* Your financial support helps cover our
  expenses and makes this place possible.

Oecumenical Community
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Brothers & Sisters in-/outside Beinwil
* Various christian confession & life style
* Gospel & Rules of Benedict from Nursia: 
  ora et labore et lege.
prayer & work,
  willingness to learn, silence & hospitality.

Welcome new members
* Also for short term.

* We have a probation-time
* Family & profession possible
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